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Bateaux Verts - La flotte

Our Company


In 1961, the MMG (Messagerie Maritime du Golfe) and Bateaux Verts original designers and managers introduced a maritime shuttle service connecting the main towns of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

In September 2008, Compagnie du Golfe et de la Navigation purshased Les Bateaux Verts with the constant intention of demonstrating its profound attachment to the region and therefore firm local rooting.

With its 15 ships accomodating 9 to 175 passengers, the company strength lies in the exceptional regularity of its maritime shuttles, its ability to cope with unexpected events while guaranteeing a high-level quality service and offering a wide range of destinations, particularly in high season.

At the peak of the summer season, Les Bateaux Verts has about 100 partners. By providing an ever-improving quality of service, today it is also the only local company offering such a wide range of shuttles and excursions.