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Bateaux Verts - La flotte

Our Company

Environmental approach

The Charter

Les Bateaux Verts company located in Saint-Maxime along with Les Vedette d’Iles d’Or et Le Corsaire company located in Le Lavandou have been implementing environmental preservation and service quality practices for many years, therefore building sustainable future while protecting the heritage which is essential to all of us : the sea.

In order to further develop this approach, in 2014, Les Bateaux Verts successfully passed double ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment) certification audit which allowed the company to become the first maritime transportation company of passengers to be certified.

Since 2019, this double certification has been extended to Vedettes Iles d’Or et le Corsaire, allowing both companies to become the only maritime passenger transport small and middle-sized companies to obtain both certifications.

Bateaux Verts / 1- Charte environnementale

Our QSE actions (quality, safety and environment)

Our QSE actions are implemented on a daily basis in order to :

  • Optimize the clients’ welcome and our customers’ satisfaction (Quality)
  • Guarantee safety both for the crew and for our passengers (Safety)
  • Limit our impact on the environment (Environment)

Our improvement focuses are :

  • The fulfillment of each collaborator within the companies
  • The prevention of pollution and respect for the environment
  • Cost management and company sustainability
  • The attachment and commitment to our region
Bateaux Verts / 3-Charte environnementale


  • The whole onboard staff have all been introduced to the importance to respect the environment and to protect marine life through eco-navigation and the compliance with environmental regulations.
  • This particularly focuses on essential points such as flexible navigating to reduce consumption, the adjustment of speed, the optimization of programs or  thecrew training for emergency situations.