FERMETURE ANNUELLE du 03/01 au 06/02/2022 - CLOSED FROM the 3rd of january until the 6th of february 2022.

Reprise des navettes Sainte-Maxime / Saint-Tropez le 07 février 2022. Opening on monday the 7th of february 2022.

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Reprise de nos navettes le 07 février 2022.




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A très bientôt

L'équipe des Bateaux Verts.

The Environmental Charter

As their name indicates, the Green Boats were originally created to protect the environment.
For 20 years numerous actions have been undertaken to this effect.

The company is therefore the only one in the Gulf to have been so committed to “green” actions. In this way it is forging a lasting future for itself, preserving a heritage essential for all – the sea.

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Charte environnementale des Bateaux Verts


In 2010 the company committed to the 1.2.3. Environment programme with the Var Chamber of Commerce and Industry, moving towards ISO 14001 Certification. Over a period of three years, this programme underlines the importance of reducing the Green Boats’ impact on the environment, in particular the use of :

  • sulphur-free marine diesel fuel. This new type of diesel produces one hundred times less pollution than ordinary fuel.
  • Sorting of waste to ensure recovery, traceability and treatment in compliance with regulations (selective waste sorting, dangerous product storage, the use of recyclable cloths and absorbable products for dirty water…)



Since 2009, the crews have received on-going in-house awareness training on eco driving and respect of regulations. Seven days’ training are organized every year, highlighting certain essential points such as flexible driving to reduce consumption, adjusting speed, or optimizing the number of passengers for each crossing.


Parallel to this, the company sits on local environmental committees, in particular that of the Port Cros National Park, the Coastline Conservatory or Natura 2000, the SIVOM (Syndicat Intercommunal à Vocation Multiples–General Purpose Intercommunal Syndicate) and the SCOT (Schéma de Cohérence Territorial – Territorial Coherency Plan).

Since 2011 the Green Boats have signed the Natura 2000 Chart designed to promote the knowledge, recording and preservation of marine fauna. This approach commits the company to identifying visible marine species, noting their geographical situation and transmitting this information to the Coastline Conservatory. The company is currently working on boats with new types of solar, electric and compressed air-powered engines.