MMG (Maritime Messengers of the Gulf), established in 1961 by François Audirac, developed a sea shuttle service in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.
During the nineties, MMG became the Green Boats Company, under the leadership of the founder’s son, Hubert Audirac, and considerably expanded its services.

In 2008, Hubert Audirac sold the company to Compagnie Maritime du Golfe et de la Navigation, whose will is to ensure the sustainability and harmonious development of Green Boats Company with the help of collaborators while preserving the historic values ​​of the company.

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As their name indicates, the Green Boats were originally set up with the objective of protecting the environment.
For 20 years now, a number of actions have been taken to achieve this.

The company has thereby established itself as the only company in the Gulf to have an active “green” policy. In this way it is forging a sustainable future by preservinga heritage essential to all – the sea.